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Beckmann Art

About Us

The Wilhelm Beckmann Foundation   was established in 2013 by family and friends of the late artist.

Wilhelm Ernst Beckmann, from Hamburg, Germany was born 1909, but  fled from the Nazis in 1934 to Copenhagen, and then on to Iceland in May 1935.

He married an Icelandic woman, Valdis from Snæfellssnes. They had two children, Einar and Hrefna.

The aim of the Foundation is to honour the memory of the Icelandic / German artist.

To catalogue his work in churches and in private ownership in Iceland and  other  countries.

Also to support young wood - carvers to further their skill in Iceland and abroad in the  art of wood - carving.

The Board of the Foundation since 2017 is as follows:

Chairman : Hrafn A. Harðarson ( curator ) former Chief Librarian, Kopavogur Public Library

Vice-Chairman : Soffía Dagmar Þorleifsdóttir , Project Manager, Bifröst University,

Secretary : Lísa Z. Valdimarsdóttir, Library Director, Kopavogur Public Library,

Treasurer : Magnús Pétursson, Former State Conciliation and Mediation Officer , 

Web-Master : Einar Beckmann,

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