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Beckmann Art


Here are located images and excerpts from books and newspaper articles mentioning Beckmann.
This collection is in its infancy at present, but is expected to grow as more material is discovered.

Beckmann circa 1934 in Germany

Municipal Library of Kopavogur receives donation of work by Wilhelm Ernst Beckmann....more

From Left : Hrafn Hardarson, Hrefna Beckmann, Einar Beckmann, Moiken Steinberg

Beckmann's son Einar at his  fathers Alter piece Tablet

The Statue "Woman'' donated by Moiken Steinberg from Germany

The reverend Sigurdur Arnarson priest of Kopavogur discusses Beckmann's work

Budir at Snaefellnes

Located in the graveyard at  Budir  is a gravestone by Beckmann.

It is in memory of his father in law Einar Magnusson farmer of Sydri Knarratunga.TheTablet on  the right  was  donated  by  Beckmann to  the Budir church in 1951

Brooch carved from Ivory by Beckmann for his wife Valdis

Drinking Horn by Beckmann.

This item is in private possession

Small picture frame carved by Beckmann

AAshtray with the four protectors of Icelandsh

Horse whip made of Ebony and Ivory

Horse poem is engraved on the ring in the middle

Spoon made of Ramshorn by Beckmann

Bracelet with the protectors of Iceland

Snaefells glacier,  In  private possession

Painting of Hrefna Beckmann

Cabinet carved by Beckmann, In private possession

Looking towards Stapafell Mountain  and  Snaefells glacier

Two Bookshelves decorated  with Hofdaletur lettering

Both in privat possession

The Stone Statue in Kopavogur

This stone  Statue " Praying Woman" was  originally given to the Reverend Gunnar Arnason priest in Kopavogur

He  kept  it  in his garden next to  his house at Digranesvegur in Kopavogi

Son of Gunnar who owned the statue placed it on his  naturstrip outside his house to the enjoyment of all  passers by.

The  Statue  is  now  located  outside  the  Kopavogur  Church Hall

The big Tablet has been found

Tablet without a home

It is not  known what plans Beckmann had for this artwork, but it was sold along with his workshop after his death in 1965

The buyer was Gudjon Asberg Jonsson former apprentice and co worker for many years.

When Gudjon passed away the Tablet was stored in a workshop of Gujons son at the outskirts of Reykjavik

It was discovered when Einar son of Beckmann was in Iceland 2010 and  had  contacted Gudjons son.

With great help from Hrafn Hardarson, the son and widow of Gudjon, the Tablet was moved into storage at the Kopavogur Church Hall. There  it  will  get  proper  restoration  and  care to  return it  to  it's former glory.

Icelandic Farmer

Beckmann's sketch

Beckmann designed a Logo for the  Hotel Borg, This  logo has stayed with  the Hotel for decades.

It demonstrates that a good design will never become obsolete.

Hotel Borg Logo

Hotel Borg's Reception front desk with Beckmann's Logo

On Holidays  at Snaefellsnes

Beckmann was a devoted animal lover, and  here he is at Sydri Knarra Tunga in Breiduvik spending time with Lubbi the farm dog

Painting at the spur of the moment

Beckmann could be a fast worker if he so decided, as this incident demonstrates so well.

Back in 1960 a new Lunchroom was opened inTresmidjan Vidir where Beckmann had a workshop

The staff commented that the  room was dull and nothing on the walls.

This talk came to the attention of Beckmann,  who  decided to  do something about this problem.

The following weekend Beckmann had brushes and paint ready, and  inspiration a plenty.He started to  paint  wall murals and  had  completed the  paintwork by Sunday night.

When staff arrived Monday morning they where greeted with a totally  different lunchroom, much to their delight.

These images where taken during that weekend.

Examples of work for Newspapers and Magazines

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